40cm x 60cm - 2005

Acrylic, make-up, mirror

Protagonist of the artist’s short-film - ‘L’Autoritratto’ (The Self-Portrait) - Mirror, reflects Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi’s universe. The mirror belongs to man as the most important attribute of his surroundings, because it is used as a means of self-control and to check on everyday life. Man likes depicting himself in it, enhancing his status through the proof of his handsome appearance. Narcissistic vanity makes the subject posing wonder “who’s the fairest of them all?” to achieve self-acceptance. Self-examinations and self-knowledge lead to visions that may prompt to new ways of looking at things. Reflection throws back a picture of something that truly exists and staring at its image allows critical observation. For instance the term ‘reflect’ also pertains to pondering perceptions with thorough insight. The surrealistic pseudo-reality, becomes an essential means for the artist to depict herself and the surrounding environment.

Private Collection