25cm x 35cm - 2010

Manga pages, origami, rice

Number 8 is considered lucky in Asian cultures, ‘Hachi’ in Japanese. If you tilt it of 90° it becomes the infinity symbol ∞. The Latin word lemniscus, means ‘ribbon’: it uncovers the link that binds all the matters of the cosmos, where mathematics is the language explaining creation. The art of origami has an important nexus with relationships between figures and forms, thus, the propitious number is reproduced through the art of paper folding. In the background are the whimsical pages of the popular comic know as Manga, also tied to the science of numbers. As a matter of fact some Japanese textbooks have been designed as Mangas to facilitate learning maths at school. Finding the bearings in this discipline requires great tenacity and perseverance, as the task of the rice weeders in paddy fields, pledged in picking an immeasurable quantity of rice. Indefinable as the cosmic number. Its auspicious power is the result of the arithmetics of zealous efforts. Only then will kismet smile on you.